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Monday, February 07, 2005

Blog mirroring

I've started mirroring my blog on LiveJournal with this blog on Blogger. The mirroring serves one primary purpose: to increase exposure -- because Blogger is part of Google, and therefore gets priority during the latter's search engine indexing.

But my blog at LiveJournal will continue to exist because people read it, whether they're my friends or they're members of communities that I've joined. The latter is one reason why I like LiveJournal: no other blogging service seems to have a similar communities feature. By contrast, most blogging services stress on the individual's voice, when successful websites like eBay have proven that communities are a powerful force to be reckoned with.

In summary: what you see on my LiveJournal blog will be what you see on my Blogger blog (starting from January 2005) and vice versa, and I will remain an active member of LiveJournal.


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Jevgen said...

How to perform mirroring?

Yuhui said...

Copy manually from one blog to the other. :)

zhi yang said...

Isn't that very troublesome? I had also looked at livejournal and really digged the community where everyone indicate their 'friends' however the template system is scary and livejournal's reputation just isn't that good. And ya, also the search engine issue.

Yuhui said...

Yes, troublesome, but I don't know of an easier way. LJ is fine for me as long as it does what it's supposed to do.

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