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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Alice in my dreams

This is what I dreamed last night:

I usually meet my buddies at a pier at night. This night, I'm early, so I wander to the nearby hotel, which strikes me as very Chinese-y. I see her working at the reception and walk up to her. She has a longish face, shoulder-length hair with side parting, and wears glasses. We start chatting. I lean forward, placing my hands on the counter, and she purposely moves her hands so that they are touching mine. My fingers run tenderly over her hands, feeling their softness. When we talked, we were attracted to each other, but now, I know that we are in love.

She loves me in spite of my physical appearance, mannerisms and other quirks. She accepts me entirely for who I am. It is the first time I feel that anyone has accepted me like that. I love her for her openness and beauty and character.

The next time we meet, I purposely go to the hotel to look for her. She meets me at the entrance, we sit, and without any words, we kiss. By this time, all of her colleagues know about us and are excited for us.

I forgot what happens at our third meeting, but I remember that we meet accidentally, so we end up doing something together, and we enjoy it thoroughly. Also, when she's not working at the hotel, her appearance is different: rounder face, hair tied up in a ponytail, no glasses, shorter (reaches my shoulder). But I know that it's still her.

Our first real date is next. I don't remember what goes on, except that it involves a romantic dinner, and then we walk to the pier to chat. My buddies, who also know about us, are there and they cheer us on. We end the night with a kiss.

The next time, I'm with my mum buying groceries at a supermarket that just happens to share an entrance with the hotel. One of the sales girls sees me and quickly calls her at the hotel. She rushes to the supermarket and finds me. We kiss, then I introduce her to my mum as my girlfriend. I say that we've been going out for a week. My mum is impressed.

We're supposed to go on another date, and I'm early in meeting her again, so I end up on a hunting trip to pass the time. But the trip takes longer than it's supposed to.

I have a feeling that I'll never see her again...

(The name "Alice" came about probably because I had just watched "Closer". But I did not dream of Natalie Portman.)


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