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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Who am I?

State for the record:
  1. Your online name: Yuhui (pronounced "you hwee")
  2. Your gender: Male
  3. Your sexual orientation: Heterosexual
  4. Your job: Web developer Marketing executive Drifter
  5. Your gender: Male (*scratch head* why ask again?)
  6. Your computer: anything Apple
  7. Your gender: I already said MALE!
  8. Your interests: computers, writing, reading, watching TV/movies, philosophy
  9. Your gender: (Again??? WTF???)
(End transmission)


CyN said...

do u happen to study in Yuqun primary sch be4?
i have a strong feeling that u were my primary sch classmate

Yuhui said...

Nope, wrong person.

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