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Thursday, January 27, 2005


Since I had a day off today, I spent the afternoon watching that comic book flick, "Elektra". Before that, there was a trailer for "Constantine", which is supposedly not a great show either, but it looks interesting enough to me.

But back to "Elektra".

As almost every review said and the box office proved, this is not another Marvel blockbuster. And so it was. It is, quite simply, an action flick with no real story. Oh, there is a semblance of a story, but it's not fully developed. And in screenwriting theory, that means the "ordeal", which usually occurs in the middle of the show, wasn't effective in driving the hero, or heroine in this case, to the lowest of lows before rising successfully for the climactic triumph.

Actually, "Elektra" had no real ordeal to speak of. The story just plodded along from beginning to end. In fact, one watches "Elektra" for two reasons only:
1. It's based on a comic book, so comic book fans would enjoy seeing the printed art come to life on screen, e.g. in special effects and fighting moves.
2. Jennifer Garner.

I think it's safe to say that if not for the lead actress, this movie would be a tremendous flop. I suppose "Elektra" is just a movie version of "Alias", except that she uses sais instead of guns and fights ninjitsu assassins instead of subversive spies. And Jennifer Garner is just gorgeous in her red suit.

Which made me think that she might be ideal for another comic book superheroine: Wonder Woman.

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