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Friday, January 07, 2005

Blog envy

I've been (web) surfing around at certain blogs and come to these conclusions:
  1. My blog isn't highly regarded in general.
  2. LiveJournal, while having one of the largest user base in the blogsphere, probably isn't well regarded by blog indices, e.g. I haven't found a blog index that had already contained my blog without needing me to manually submit it (though this could also be because of (1) above).
In an attempt to increase my blog's exposure, I've posted links at blog search engines, blog directories, Technorati, etc. I don't know if any of these tactics will work.

So where does the envy come from? Other blogs that I read are linked to more often, and therefore are likely to be more read. And some of these blogs get mentioned on popular blogs, like mrbrown, even though those blogs are either newer or less updated. Meanwhile, my blog seems to languish in obscurity.

If anyone's counting, my Technorati index is 266,422. Incidentally, some blogs that I created for fun (e.g. to reserve my name at Blogger) are ranked 780,679. Technorati apparently watches 5,585,128 blogs, but remember that several blogs can have the same rank, i.e. I'm sure there are hundreds (thousands?) of blogs which rank 780,679.

This just sucks.

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