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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Blind date #5

I've just returned from my fifth date arranged by Lunch Actually. We met at my friend's restaurant, Curry Favor, though he didn't know at first that it was me because the reservation is made under Lunch Actually. So he was pleasantly surprised to see me show up for the reservation.

But we didn't get to talk much. I focussed my attention on my date. The first thing that struck me was that she's chatty and speaks at a rapid pace, which made me think about "Gilmore Girls". She attributed it to her just coming from work, so she's on a high. She remarked that I'm slim, which is true, and suggested that we order our food.

She: young, pretty, graduated from a local university in computer science, used to wakeboard, loves watching movies, enjoys spicy food, travels to experience different cultures and not to shop, very open and forward.

We talked about different stuff, but for most of the date, we talked mostly about work and movies. Apparently, she likes watching foreign films too. And she found my movie taste to be very different from most guys, which is true.

There were several awkward silences during our date. I realised that I was doing most of the asking to start off the conversations, which made me think that she was either not interested or tired. Most of the time, our chats would end after a few sentences, which I thought was quite uncomfortable because there was just no development in the conversation and discovery of each other.

So after another awkward silence, I thought that I'd let her give the opening question. And she did. I think she thought I was tired or bored, or maybe she was feeling the same way, because she suggested that we leave after spending half an hour together. I tentatively broached the idea of watching "Kinsey" together this weekend, the first time I've ever asked for a second date on the first. But I'll have to confirm with her to make sure it's not one of those casual remarks.

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