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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Blind date #3 round 2

For everyone asking why I don't go on second dates, I'm here to prove you wrong. Today, I went out with the girl/woman/lady (I don't know what's the right word to call her!) from my third date. I had proposed meeting her after the new year festivities, then messaged her again in the middle of the week if she would like to meet today, and she said yes!

We met at Raffles City at 11am and proceeded to Delifrance for drinks. We talked a bit about the tsunami disaster, work, holidays, favourite songs, and some other stuff. There were some awkward quiet moments, though, when we ran out of things to talk about, and it was plain to see that we were scraping for conversation topics.

We left at about 12:30pm. She wanted to buy something at a Christian store upstairs, so I followed her and browsed the store's offerings. Among the things I found: a children's book explaining angels and demons. After that, she had to go for worship practice at St. Andrew's Cathedral, and I was getting the bus from that direction too, so we walked there before going our separate ways.

Two dates later, I think that we are probably better as friends. Somehow, I don't sense any connection between us... unless both of us are the type who can connect on a lack of connections (does that make sense?).

Incidentally, I realised that she walks in the same way as my grandmother and my dad: with her arm swinging out wide. Not that that's a bad thing.

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