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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

3G is out of my radar

After reading a recent report on 3G in Singapore, I decided to check out M1's 3G data card for wireless Internet connection on notebooks, also because I still think it's a cool idea. I stopped at a shop and asked if they carried it. Nope, came the reply, it's available only at one shop in the whole of Singapore. Okay, fine.
Me: "How much is it?"
Him: (what I heard) "$575."
Me: "$575?"
Him: "$1,575."
Me: (thinking) "#$*%@(^!"
So much for the fantasy of surfing the web wirelessly at home via 3G, even though the service is free for the next six months. An alternative is to get a 3G phone for $700, but my current phone works fine and I can't bear the thought of putting down that kind of money just for another phone... unless someone is willing to buy over my phone at a fair price. Besides, not only is the service free for only three months but it's by SingTel, and I'd really like to try another service provider, like M1, for the heck of it.

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